• Item Description

    The Orlando Barbell Doorway Home Gym is more durable and can handle much more resistance than other comparable home gyms. It is also much easier to set up, transition from exercise to exercise, and to detach.


    No assembly required.

    Easy to set up in just seconds.

    The Door Mounted Home Gym is used by attaching either to the top or the bottom of a door with a cross bar that distributes the weight onto the frame. Elastic resistance bands are then attached to the band attachment allowing for the user to perform hundreds of different exercises for the upper body, lower body, and abs with varying degrees of resistance.

    The Orlando Barbell Doorway Home Gym is a good choice for those that want the option of doing accessory or recovery work from home, are in a position in which they cannot make it to the gym on a particular day, or want to introduce their wife or girlfriend to working out.

    Patent Pending






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