There are a lot of people who need extra motivation when it comes to getting in shape. Some are unsure where to start, while others just need a change of pace to improve their strength and performance. Orlando Barbell can provide the professional guidance you need to meet all your strength and fitness goals. We offer custom made personal training programs that combine your individual objectives and our hardcore know-it-all to leave you stronger than you could ever imagine.

The Program

All our programs consist of the following elements:

  • A custom fitness prescription.
  • Motivational feedback.
  • Direct, professional supervision and safety advisory.

Every strength training routine begins with a cardiovascular warm-up for a minimum of a 5 to 10 minutes to increase body temperature and prepare the central nervous system to prevent injury. The client then moves to strength exercises.

The start of a properly designed exercise program initially focuses on proper technique and form. After learning proper technique our clients progress to greater and greater results through the use of a gradually increasing ROM, progressive overload, free weights, specialty bars, and the use of accommodating resistance with chains and/or bands. Training that you won’t find anywhere else.

desiree on leg extension

desiree on cable row


Our programs are divided into different packages and are priced per session.  The package must be purchased in full to receive the discounted price.  Each trainer has their own prices, but on average they’re:

Hourly Sessions:
    • 1 session: $75.00.
    • 8 sessions: $60.00 each.
    • 16 sessions: $57.50 each.
    • 32 sessions: $55.00 each.





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